Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just How International is IHEC Blog's Facebook Page Anyway?

I thought I would share some IHEC Blog Facebook page metrics here in this post:  Countries where people who like my Facebook page hail are from [ranked by highest population] follow:

403  United States of America
24    India
20    Pakistan
20    United Kingdom
20    Egypt
17    Canada
15    Indonesia
14    Bangladesh
8      Ireland
8      Australia
7      New Zealand
6      South Korea
6      Italy
6      Israel
6      France
5      Taiwan
5      Turkey
5      Jordan
5      Malaysia 

There are a total of 735 people who like IHEC Blog's Facebook page and 332 (45%) are from outside of the U.S.  I think this is great as this diversity adds to the community.  This post continues the discussion of my August 23, 2010 IHEC Blog post:

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