Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top 17 IHEC Blog Posts of 2011

For this post I thought I would simply highlight the top 17 posts over on International Higher Education Consulting Blog (IHEC Blog for short).  The rank order is decided by the total number of visits per post and nothing else.  I hope you find some of these post of interesting and/or helpful in some way in the work that you do.  If you have a strong opinion about any of these posts please do leave a comment.

We shall see what 2012 brings! (more about this in a later post)

You can see previous IHEC Blog annual top posts lists here:  2010 & 2009.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Future Conference Sites of U.S. Based International Education Organizations

Should you be an advanced planner I thought I would put these future conference sites for AIEA, CIEE, The Forum on Education Abroad and NAFSA on your radar:

2012 – Washington, DC
2013 – New Orleans
2014 – Washington, DC
2015 – Washington, DC
2016 – Montreal
2017 – Washington, DC

2012 – Shanghai
2013 – Minneapolis

Forum on Education Abroad
2012 – Denver
2013 – Chicago
2014 – San Diego
2015 – New Orleans

2012 – Houston
2013 – St. Louis (I believe this was originally scheduled for Louisville)
2014 – San Diego
2015 – Boston
2016 – Denver
2017 – San Francisco

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MelibeeU, the professional training arm of Melibee Global has launched!

I'm a big fan of what Missy Gluckmann has been doing over at Melibee Global for some time now.  Really forward thinking stuff that she is doing for the field as evidenced by her lastest creation of MelibeeU.

Upcoming workshops are as follows:

International Educators: Striking a Balance (January 20, 2012)


Global Service Learning: Design/Reflection/Connection Workshop Series with Dr. Eric Hartman (Online – February 2012) [the coupon codes available here expire on Wednesday January 11th at 11:59 PM EST]

MelibeeU has also partnered with Small Planet Studio and have produced additional training resources for the field to include: 

The "How-To Series": How to Work in Study Abroad, as an Intercultural Trainer & a Global Education/Intercultural Consultant


Short-Term Study Abroad Crossroads: Where Planning Missteps Meet Cultural Blunders

If these offerings don't fit your schedule please stay tuned to MelibeeU for more interesting workshops in the future!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

7 Question NAFSA Survey on Nontraditional Programs for Nonimmigrants

Please take a couple of minutes to complete a 7 question NAFSA survey on Nontraditional Programs prepared by the NAFSA Task Force on Non-Traditional Programs of the International Student & Scholar-Regulatory Practice Committee.

More information follows:

NAFSA: Association of International Educators Committee has charged a task force within its International Student and Scholar Regulatory Practice (ISS-RP) to analyze and make recommendations for government agency liaison regarding the regulatory challenges of nonimmigrant participation in nontraditional programs (hybrid, low-residency, distance/online, short-term ESL, professional training, and others). A survey has been created to gather data to help internally inform the task force.  Please take this important survey here.

We are also seeking specific examples of institutions finding it impossible or difficult to implement nontraditional programs due to regulatory or visa issues.  Please e-mail your examples to Steve Springer, Director of Regulatory Practice Liaison, NAFSA staff at

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"International Education News and Views" - A Twitter List of International Education Thought Leaders and Knowledge Producers

I came up with this select group of international education organizations, news outlets/reporters/editors and thought leaders as a way to highlight those who are advancing the knowledge production in the field.  To be sure, there are some who I have missed and I will add them to the list as necessary. This is the only Twitter list I have and will probably ever create.