Thursday, November 29, 2012

NAFSA Statement on STEM Jobs Act of 2012

WASHINGTON, November 29, 2012 - NAFSA: Association ofInternational Educators opposes H.R. 6429, the STEM Jobs Act of 2012, because it perpetuates a divisive, us-versus-them approach to immigration reform.

NAFSA supports the goal of creating a direct path to green cards for graduates of U.S. institutions of higher education, including but not limited to the STEM fields. Talented, innovative people are found in all fields, and all who are prepared to become productive members of our society and to contribute to our economy should be welcome. We do not support creating a new path for international students by eliminating another immigration program.

In the acrimonious political debate about immigration reform, we lose our way by embracing a mistaken, zero-sum approach to permanent immigration. Proposals like H.R. 6429 in this context appear guided by the fear of doing anything that increases the number of people who may immigrate to the United States. There is no reason to regard the current annual limit on the number of green cards as sacrosanct law.

We believe immigration is an opportunity, not a threat. Immigrants renew this nation and have done so since the country was created. The United States has been successful at attracting and integrating immigrants who have added tremendous value to our country and economy. We must continue to do so through a reformed immigration system that meets the needs of the whole nation.

NAFSA looks forward to supporting a comprehensive immigration reform bill that provides new immigration opportunities. Such a bill will be possible when the discussions move away from responding to individual constituent demands and towards a win-win situation that addresses the needs of all of us.

Monday, November 12, 2012

International Students Contribute More than $21.8 Billion to the U.S. Economy

WASHINGTON, November 12, 2012 – International students and their families contributed more than $21.8 billion to the U.S. economy during the 2011–2012 academic year, according to a new NAFSA report released todayCalifornia, New York, and Texas welcomed the largest numbers of international students, and those and other states across the country saw substantial benefits from spending by these students and their families on living expenses, tuition, and fees.
 “International students bring important economic benefits to the United States. They bring incalculable academic value to U.S. colleges and universities and cultural value to local communities as international enrollments grow,” said NAFSA Executive Director and CEO Marlene M. Johnson. “However, there is much more we can do as a nation to promote student exchange and study abroad and this data clearly points to the potential future benefit of a cohesive and proactive international education strategy for our nation.”
·        See NAFSA’s new international student spending data by state, congressional district, and top receiving institutions of higher education.

·        View results of a snapshot survey of international student enrollments conducted by NAFSA and seven other higher-education and international-education organizations.

The economic impact analysis was conducted for NAFSA by Jason Baumgartner, director of information services, Indiana University-Bloomington’s Office of International Services, using tuition and living expense data provided by Wintergreen Orchard House, a leading college data provider, and foreign student enrollment data provided by the Institute of International Education’s annual “Open Doors” report.
Study Abroad Numbers Released
The numbers of American students studying abroad increased to 273,996 during the 2010-11 academic year, up by 1.25 percent from 270,604 in 2009-10, according to figures released today by the Institute of International Education. Fewer than 2 percent of all American college students study abroad.
·        NAFSA's new report provides a breakdown of the percentage of college students in each state who studied abroad in 2010–2011, allowing institutions and state leaders to gauge how they compare with national trends.

·        NAFSA’s new study abroad demographics chart offers further data on participation trends.

 Note:  Taken from a NAFSA press release

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rob Malicki from AIM Overseas analyses the Australian Government's recent announcement of the AsiaBound program to increase the number of Australian students studying in Asia.


You can learn more about AIM Overseas and the contributions they are making to outbound mobility research and policy in Australia via their website.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Study Abroad Tweets of the Day [U.S. Election Edition]

Here are the study abroad tweets of the day pertaining to the results of the U.S. Election last night.  These tweets, of course, are only a sampling taken at a specific moment in time.  Quite interesting!  What is/are your favorite(s)?

Well even tho yesterday didnt end how i wanted,on the plus side,I not only picked 2 majors & a minor,but I applied to study abroad aswell :)

oh you're going to study abroad for 4 years,in a country that is most likely far more liberal than the u.s.? fucktards galore on fb/twitter

I'm not going to study abroad in Amsterdam anymore, they're cracking down! I'll just take a gap semester to Colorado instead ;)

I'm going to study abroad these next 4 years after last night

I'm leaving the country. Not because of Obama, but because I might study abroad

Disgrunteled about the election? You could always study abroad... #election2012 #studyabroad

I think I need to move to another Country for the next 4 years. Study abroad?!

Everything I voted against passed. Maybe it's time to go study abroad and let y'all deal with the mess y'all have made.

okay phew thanks america, i will go to the study abroad meeting later after all #Obama

Im glad I dont have to study abroad... If Romney wouldve won I wouldve left.. But congrats Obama"

Good.. move to Antarctica, Canada, or even study abroad for two years! We don't want bad attitudes here anyways. #BeGone

we can all have a giant political convo tomorrow! I have a meeting though for study abroad so after

I might study abroad in Colorado now...

To all the people saying the will study abroad or move, haha BYE! Sad to see you leave #notreally #pleasetakeoffense

Well, I'm gonna go study abroad for the next four years. If you need me I'll be in Italy

Think it's time to study abroad, try to learn how to make money in a socialist economy.

Now I don't have to study abroad for the next 5 semesters!!! #OBAMA12 #mypresidentisblack #obama4POTUS

Can I study abroad in Colorado?

HELLOOOOO Parliamentary System, Can i just study abroad now or....?

"Mom I want to study abroad. But not in a different country that's dangerous. I was thinking, and this is just a suggestion, maybe Colorado"

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Video Launched by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) Titled "Student to Student: Studying in the States"

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) recently launched a video titled Student to Student: Studying in the States. The video provides prospective and current international students with the key tips they should keep in mind in order to stay in compliance with U.S. immigration rules and ensure their time studying in the United States is a positive one.

The video, narrated by international students, underlines key advice about the international student process. Student to Student is a first of its kind Department of HomelandSecurity video focused on U.S. immigration rules for international students.

Student to Student is posted on the ICE YouTube channel and featured on Study in the States, a website that serves as a clearinghouse of information from all government agencies involved in the international student process. It is part of a Department of Homeland Security initiative to make information more accessible and encourage the best and brightest international students to study and learn about expanded post-graduate opportunities in the United States.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Forthcoming: "Beyond Abroad: Innovative Re-entry Exercises" by Melibee Global

Learn more over at Melibee Global

Disclaimer:  I receive no compensation for posting about "Beyond Abroad: Innovative Re-entry Exercises" nor will I receive any compensation from sales of this resource.  I did conduct a review of this publication in the early stages of conception and provided feedback and for that I will receive a hard copy.  I really like what Missy Gluckmann is doing over at Melibee Global and I simply wanted to put this resource on the radar of IHEC Blog readers.