Thursday, November 19, 2015

Multi-lingual Story Time at my Children's School

So this is happening tomorrow morning at the school that my three children attend. This event is being held specifically for the 3 year old nursery school through 2nd grade students. Simply Awesome!  

The description and image of the event that was posted to Facebook follows:

This Friday 8-8:30 a.m., Lim Library at ESH the Multilingual Parents Group will be reading in Arabic. Come listen to "The Hungry Caterpillar" and other stories. Everyone is welcome!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

International Education Week - Access for All video

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Invitation to the Fund for Education Abroad's 5th Anniversary Celebration in Washington, DC at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in DC on November 19th from 6:30-9:30pm

Please join the Fund for Education Abroad, the Host Committee, and a few very special guests – including Assistant Secretary of State, Evan Ryan at the historic National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, DC on Thursday, November 19th from 6:30-9:30pm to kick-off the upcoming application cycle and celebrate FEA’s 5th Anniversary. Cocktail attire – includes open bar, heavy hors d’oeuvres & buffets, cultural programming, and networking in the field of international education.  You can purchase your tickets via the FEA website.

This year, FEA will honor Marlene Johnson, Executive Director and CEO of NAFSA with the Inaugural Fritz Kaufmann Advocacy Award. Fritz Kaufmann, founder of Academic Travel Abroad was a lawyer by training, journalist and professor of economics, Professor Kaufmann left his native Vienna in 1942 and later embarked on a three-month tour of Europe to evaluate the political and economic effects of the Marshall Plan. His personal experience of war and witnessing its devastating effect inspired a lifelong devotion to advancing cross-cultural understanding through international educational travel, multicultural awareness and language training, leading to the founding of the Association of Academic Travel Abroad in 1949.

5th Anniversary Host Committee (as of 10/22)
Co-Chairs: Errick L. Greene & Mark Lenhart
Members: Tim Ambrose, Jiffer Bourguignon, Jennifer Calvert, Terence B. Crouch, Andrea Custodi, Elizabeth Daoust, Kim Davis, Samuel Davis, Jane Edwards, Teri Ellison, Alida Fenner, Miti Figueredo, Joël Gallegos, Jean Glock, Larry Guillemette, Wendy Harris, Kelly Holland, JJ Jackson, Shelley Jessee, Martha Johnson, Gene Kenney, Jan Kieling, Amy Kotkin, Anne Krieg, Brandon Lee, Bruce Levine, Rachel Lostumbo, Michael Lucerto, Ellyn McKay, Mike Moyer, MaryBeth Mullen, Jean-Marie Murphy, Robert Muse, Judy Perl, Jim Perna, Susan Popko, Carol Reed, Jennifer Richwine, Gary Rhodes, Moira Rogers, Randall Salisbury, Colby Sheffer, Kate Simpson, Maggie Simpson, Barbara Tuceling, Janet Varn, Ann Waigand, JoVita Well, Caroline Donovan White, Linda Youngentob

Disclosure:  I am a member of the FEA Board of Directors and while I won't be able to attend the gala this year I hope that IHEC Blog readers will consider attending and supporting FEA.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Registration Now Open for the Global Pro Institute - A Comprehensive Professional Development and Training Program for Aspiring International Education Professionals

International Higher Education Consulting has entered into an affiliate partnership with the Global Pro Institute program.

Created by Brooke Roberts, founder of Inside Study Abroad, the Global Pro Institute program offers a comprehensive roadmap to launch and grow a career in international education and meaningful travel.  If you are interested in learning more about and enrolling in the the Global Pro Institute program you can do so via the following affiliate link:

The Global Pro Institute program includes the following:

  • 6 modules with several lessons of fun, informative, and actionable videos tutorials and lectures.
  • Delivered completely online from the comfort of your home, office, or favorite coffee shop.
  • Complete professional makeover from knowledge, to skills, to relationships, to branding, to landing the job.
  • Downloadable, action-oriented printable workbooks.
  • Deep-dive hour-long video interviews and conversations with experts in nearly every area of international education and meaningful travel. 
  • We walk you through the fundamentals of the work, skills and knowledge required to work in that space, and best ways to land a job in that area.
  • Real-world stories from successful professionals on how they launched and grew their own careers.
[Disclosure: I'm scheduled to be interviewed later this month for this Global Pro Institute program offering]

  • Weekly 60-minute live video group coaching and mentoring sessions with Brooke to answer your questions and help you apply this content to your career growth and job search (each session is recorded).
  • A little cheerleading and real-talk to help you move past roadblocks and self-doubt to start taking action on the things that will make the biggest impact on your career.
  • Time zone or scheduling issues with the live sessions? Don’t worry. You can submit your questions anytime to be answered during the group coaching.
  • Lifetime access to content AND future GPI sessions! Once you register, the program is yours. You are welcome to review the program content anytime and participate in future GPI sessions going forward.
  • As the field evolves, this program will evolve with it. And you'll get continued access to any updates we make to the program.
  • Plus, when new benefits and bonuses are added to the Global Pro Institute experience, you'll get them for free.


  • Building your network in the international education and meaningful travel industries is crucial for career success - and it's best to start with your peers.
  • You receive lifetime and exclusive access to the members-only private Facebook group where you can network with other aspiring professionals in the field.
  • Post successes, challenges, questions, feedback, and inspiration for other members to cheer, review, and provide feedback.
  • Engage with Brooke and other thought-leaders in international education and youth travel
  • This group will become your cohort of peers, future colleagues, and life-long friends. Value? Priceless.

  • GPI members get exclusive access to our conference travel funds. Attend an international education conference, represent GPI and Inside Study Abroad, apply for a grant!
  • Meet and connect in-person with your fellow GPI members at our exclusive networking events.
  • Network with established professionals in international education and lots of introductions from Brooke.
  • All Mastery members will have an opportunity to send their revised resume and cover letter to Brooke for critique and actionable feedback.
  • Brooke will create a video explaining exactly what you've done great and where you can improve (and why).
  • Videos will be posted in the private Facebook community for everyone to learn from and implement.
  • All members of the Global Pro Institute will be invited to FREE GPI-only networking receptions, educational workshops, and fun outings hosted during regional and national conferences around the country and world.
  • You'll get exclusive access to Brooke's amazing network of friends and colleagues in the field. (This is priceless.)
  • Opportunities to become a Chapter Coordinator for Inside Study Abroad Meet-ups in your city or region.

  • Your Global Pro Institute membership also contributes to funding an Inside Study Abroad scholarship with the Fund for Education Abroad.
  • Which means when you improve and grow your global career, you are also changing the lives of aspiring study abroad participants.
  • Give and receive. That's our motto.

Again, if you are interested in learning more about and enrolling in the the Global Pro Institute program you can do so via the following affiliate link:  Pricing information is available on the Global Pro Institute home page.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Community College Corner: The NAFSA Academy

The following is a guest post by Derek Shouba, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Morton College.  Derek will contribute to IHEC Blog on a regular basis and will provide his perspective on a variety of international education topics in the 'Community College Corner' posts!

Many thanks to David Comp for soliciting my participation in International Higher Education Consulting Blog.  Over the past couple of years, Dr. Comp and I have had many conversations about the extent to which the principles of international educational, as they have been construed by competitive, four-year institutions, can be applied to America’s open-access community colleges.  America’s community colleges are of course a vital component of any plan to help Americans gain international competencies in the coming decades.  According to the American Association of Community Colleges, approximately half of America’s undergraduate college students are enrolled at a community college at any given time.

As a community college dean, I’m been obsessed with the following question for quite some time: what can a relatively small institution do to promote international competencies among its students, especially when these students are, more often than not, economically disadvantaged?  In the coming year, my goal will be to explore a number of practical and relatively inexpensive approaches to the broad subject of international education, especially in the community college context.

Today, I’ll merely mention one simple tool that I’ve personally employed this past year to enter more fully into the modern discourse of international education, and that is the NAFSA Academy.   While admittedly geared toward relatively new participants in the field of international education, the NAFSA Academy helped me to quickly and painlessly integrate into the wider NAFSA community.  For a reasonable fee, selected participants are paired with approximately five other international educators, and an experienced Academy mentor, for a yearlong introduction to the elements of international education.  The fee includes registration at a special spring training which covers international student advising issues, U.S. international admissions, advocacy in international education, education abroad and comprehensive campus internationalization.  The fee also includes your registration in a regional NAFSA conference and the national NAFSA conference.

The NAFSA Academy is most appropriate for folks who are relatively new to international education, but even more seasoned professionals will discover that the Academy can help you to create a solid network of like-minded professionals.  All Academy participants also get consistent feedback about at least one action project related to international education.  In my own case, I worked on a formal campus international plan.

While the NAFSA Academy is dominated by participants and mentors from four-year institutions, I was matched with a wonderful mentor from a larger community college and still enjoyed the opportunity to share stories and swap ideas with professionals from M.I.T., Northwestern University, and many other research universities.   I can also imagine that an institution would do well to use the NAFSA Academy as an on-boarding process for new employees in areas related to international education, especially if their institution, like mine, isn’t large enough to offer more systematic methods of learning content in each major category of international education employment.
I’ll close by saying that my NAFSA Academy cohort collaborated together on several projects, including an international roundtable at my school’s Teaching and Learning Center, and on a Region V presentation that will happen this week.  Hope to see you there.

See for more information.

Derek Shouba is the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Morton College, a comprehensive community college located on in Cicero, Illinois.  Derek also serves on the Executive Board of the Illinois Consortium of International Studies and Programs (ICISP).  Derek, a Fulbright alum, is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and holds graduate degrees from McGill University, North Park University, and Roosevelt University.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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