Monday, April 25, 2011

My Twitter and IHEC Blog's Facebook posts in support of Earth Day

Last Friday I went on a Twitter and Facebook posting binge in support of Earth Day.  Below are my posts that contain some excellent resources and information that I hope you find helpful:

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad's Green Initiative at

"Sustainability in Study Abroad" resource on @NAFSA website at

Many of the study abroad offices/programs/providers are posting about their Green Initiatives today! What are the Int'l Ed. orgs doing?

Tips For Going Green Abroad via the IES Go Green Initiative at

Sustainable Study Abroad Grants at Middlebury College at

NAFSA 2011 Annual Conference Green Initiatives at

"20 Steps to Sustainable Study Abroad" by @GoGreenTraveler at

@ I'm having a hard time finding your Standards of Good Practice related to Sustainability & Education Abroad on your website. Help!!

‎"Sustaining Study Abroad" a March 12, 2009 article by Inside Higher Ed at

Are you subscribed to Sustainabilityabroad -- Sustainability in Study Abroad listserv at

Just What is in API’s Carbon Reduction Project Portfolio Anyway? at

‎"5 Ways to Design Sustainable Study Abroad Programs" via Sustainability Education Blog at

International Higher Education Consulting and Bury Book International Education Library & Archive are Greener and now "Save as WWF". More about this on IHEC Blog at

Going Green: Sustainability in Study Abroad & Responsible Travel: Articles, Multi-Media, Websites, Books, Organisations via Abroad View at

I think all international education programs should get involved with the Green Passport Program at

Check out all the green things happening in international education from this Oct. 2009 IHEC Blog post "Internaitonal Education Exchange and Climate Change" at

Study abroad related tweet of the day: "Happy Earth Day! Do you have your Green Passport for #studyabroad?"

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  1. I am interested in Sustainability and have been concerned about the growth in international education, increased movement of students across the globe and a lack of awareness by our universities to address the carbon costs of high numbers of international students. As I am repsonsible for sednign students across the globe I proposed to partner universities that if my company paid a third of the carbon cost, the university paid a third it would put students under pressure to pay the final third. The proposal fell on deaf ears along side the proposal to initiate a social repsonsiblity scholarship fund, agian supported by universities, my comapny and students. I am disheartened that universities who should be leaders in environmental and social responsibility will not enagage....