Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two Week Recap of "Study abroad related tweet of the day" Posts on IHEC Blog's Facebook Page

A short time ago I started a new "Study abroad related tweet of the day" over on IHEC Blog's Facebook page as a way to stimulate discussion around what people are posting to Twitter about study abroad.  I think people have liked it and it has generated some discussion which was my intent.  Following is a list of the first several:

"Is it sad that I actually miss doing work at Michigan? I can't sit on facebook for 3 hours straight during lecture anymore. #studyabroad"

"well, i'm done with class for the week. I guess that means it's time for some beers. #studyabroad"

"I have no idea what I want to do with my life, I just want to study abroad!"

"i was going to study abroad but the thought of it scares me."

"meeting with the study abroad lady today. She better not bail again"

"I hate that they enforce the 'study' part of Study Abroad"

"After a long run tonight I think I've finally figured out how to achieve world peace. It involves passports and very few guns.  [study abroad not mentioned in tweet but is part of the Twitter name]"

"Study abroad office: useless!?"

"Spain 2011 here I come. Study abroad! Out of America overseas to new treasures, cultures and ideologies."

":[ now my parents won't let me study abroad in Japan..."

"Stuck in a 3 hour study abroad meeting during March Madness.. Shoot me now"

"At home adjusting to the thought that my daughter is moving back in so she can save to study abroad."

"A two week study abroad can barely be considered an international experience in a university program..."

"Brendan and I discussing (very) future finances: if you want the kids to study abroad, you better like driving a Kia."

Are there any tweets that you have strong feelings about?

Should I continue this activity?


  1. Too funny at times. Too true other times. Great topic for posting, David. Thanks!

    Tony Amante Schepers

  2. Definitely keep it up. I look forward to the tweet of the day!

  3. After I read your posting I contacted my son at college who is considering studying abroad and directed him to your site and blog. Thanks for sharing, as it highlights the excitement, disappointment, and anger associated with studying abroad. Thanks for the reality check, and these insights will help him be prepared for what lies ahead as he moves forward with his plans to study abroad in the U.K.
    Thanks again!

  4. @Jeff ~ Thanks for the message. Happy to hear your son will study abroad! I've only been to the UK for a week and always wanted to study there but in the end I studied in Spain where I met my wife (on same program and not a Spaniard). All the best to your son!