Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Study abroad related tweet of the day: "A two week study abroad can barely be considered an international experience in a university program..."

I started a new and fun little activity over on IHEC Blog's Facebook page where I will search for and post a recent tweet from Twitter related to study abroad every day Monday through Friday (but I may miss a day or two in between).  I will not be posting the identity of the person or organization posting the tweet.

Some of the tweets I select will be funny, some will be serious, some will speak to a certain truth about a topic or issue in the field that we don't like to discuss and some may contain a naughty word or two.  My point in posting is to provide some humor but more important I hope they will make people think and hopefully comment.  Join the fun at

My inaugural study abroad related tweet of the day last night was:  "Brendan and I discussing (very) future finances: if you want the kids to study abroad, you better like driving a Kia."

The above tweet is quite funny and relevant to me as I have three children who I want to participate on an exchange in high school and then study abroad in college but in reality it is quite sad for me as the cost of higher education and study abroad is a very expensive endeavor and will be more so when my children are old enough to participate in these activities and my dreams for my children may not be realized!

My second study abroad related tweet of the day which is the title of this post brings into question/debate short-term study abroad programming.  Do you have an opinion on a two week “study abroad” program?  If so, leave a comment over at 


  1. Excellent viewpoint on the continuing rise in the cost of higher education especially as it relates to studying abroad. It would be a shame if costs continue to inflate and your children do not attain this wonderful opportunity to experience education from a different perspective.

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