Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I always stop at a box full of free books just in case there is a book related to international educational and cultural exchange...

Today on my walk back to the office after getting some vaccines for upcoming international higher education consulting travel I'm doing in August to Accra, Ghana I stopped by Powell's Books Chicago to see what they had for free in the boxes outside their store.  I lucked out and discovered the book Grand Tours and Cook's Tours: A History of Leisure Travel, 1750-1915 (1997) by Lynne Withey. Many know of my interest in the history of international educational and cultural exchanges and this book will be an excellent addition to my Bury Book International Education Library & Archive.  I just wrote (briefly) about the grand tours of old for my part of a co-authored chapter that was submitted as a first draft to one of the book editors so the timing of this find is perfect as I imagine some revisions will be needed and I might try to work this book into the text and references.

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