Sunday, May 29, 2016

Review of "Raising Global Children" by Stacie Nevadomski Berdan and Marshall S. Berdan

Following is another long overdue book review that I've been wanting to write about but family life just hasn't allowed for it. The bright side for me is that I've also read this book twice since receiving it just over two years ago.

Raising Global Children by Stacie Nevadomski Berdan (published by ACTFL) and Marshall S. Berdan is a wonderful book and one that I'm thankful to have in my personal home library.  I received the book (my copy is signed!) back in March 2014 while having dinner in New York City with Stacie during the IIE 'Generation Study Abroad’ Think Tank that I was invited to and Stacie was facilitating.

It's a wonderful book and one that anyone raising children today needs to add to their nightstand.  My wife and I strive to raise global children.  While we work to add as many stamps as possible to our children's passports we work hard to instill a global mindset as well.  Raising Global Children is an excellent resources and one that I have found much value in and one that has challenged me to think of new and creative ways to think about global mindedness.  The Table of Contents follows:


Chapter 1: A World of Change
Chapter 2: What Raising Global Children Means
Chapter 3: Building a Launch Pad: How to Prepare Children to Become Global
Chapter 4: Teaching Language: "Switching On" the Global Mindset
Chapter 5: Exploring Culture: Having Fun with Global Food, Music, Books, and Friends
Chapter 6: Learning Through Travel: Broadening Minds at Home and Abroad
Chapter 7: Helping Teens Further Their Global Mindset
Chapter 8: Advocating for Raising Global Children

You purchase can learn more about Raising Global Children via Stacie's website here and while you are there check out her other books and you may also wish to consider bringing Stacie in as a speaker or consultant.

Disclaimer:  Aside from receiving a copy of Raising Global Children I receive no other compensation.

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