Friday, May 23, 2014

Lily von Klemperer on Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad

As many IHEC Blog readers know, I enjoy learning and writing about the history of international educational and cultural exchange and I'm quite excited about the formation last year of the AIFS/AIFS Foundation Education Abroad Special Collection which is a project of the Forum on Education Abroad in partnership with Dickinson College, the American Institute For Study Abroad (AIFS) and the AIFS Foundation.  I enjoy the history of the field so much that several years ago I created the Bury Book Internaitonal Education Library & Archive and have received donated materials from some of the biggest names in the field and get several requests a year about visiting for research (it's currently in my home office which adds some challenges to have visitors).

This week the Forum on Education Abroad held a celebration at the Special Collection at Dickinson to honor the establishment of the center and to showcase some of the donations made thus far.  You can see photos from the event on the Forum's Facebook page and Twitter account.

In the May 23, 2014 Forum News, a note about an interview from 1988 by Tom Roberts with Lily von Klemperer was released on the Forum's YouTube Channel.  Both are pioneers in the field and I'm honored to have met Tom and to have shared a beverage (or more) with him but I never met Lily.  I'm a huge fan of her work and to watch this brief video made my day!

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