Wednesday, May 2, 2012

International Research and Review: Journal of Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars

In this IHEC Blog post I thought I would inform readers that the Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars has started publishing their journal again in the form of International Research and Review: Journal of Phi Beta Delta Honor Society for International Scholars.  If you have not heard of Phi Beta Delta before you can learn more via their website and, if you are on a university or college campus, consider forming your own institutional chapter (currently in eight countries)!  I think IHEC Blog readers will find Phi Beta Delta to be a great organization and something worthy of considering!

Led by the efforts of Michael Smithee, Director of Publications and Editor, International Research and Review aims to provide “a forum for scholars and educators to engage in a  multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas, to address topics of mutual concern, and to advocate for policies that enhance the international dimension of higher education. Articles should focus on studies and systematic analyses that employ qualitative, quantitative, a mixture of both methods, and theoretical methodologies from an international scope. Both pedagogical and andragogical perspectives in teaching and learning are welcome.”  International Research and Review will be web based and is being indexed by EBSCO, which means it will be available in academic and other libraries.  It is anticipated that one to two issues will be published yearly. Thus, please consider this a call for papers.

IHEC Blog readers familiar with Phi Beta Delta may recall that they previously published the journal International Review which was interrupted in 2003 due to the cost of printing and dissemination.  Phi Beta Delta has scanned and loaded all of the articles from each of the twelve volumes of International Review, 1990-2002, on their website!  

The Phi Beta Delta Headquarters Office moved to the campus of California State University San Bernardino and is now under the leadership of Executive Director, Dr. Rueyling Chuang.


  1. I contacted my college’s Dean about this yesterday and wanted to hear his response first. It’s the kind of large-scale thing he wants our college to be more involved in, we’re very self-focused for the time being, and, as I’m sure you know, public image is worth its weight in gold to any campus.

  2. International students have been growing in numbers in our institution as well even though we are a small college.
    It seems like a great idea for them to have this organization at our college.
    Will pursue this further.
    Thank you for the idea.