Friday, November 18, 2011

U.S. Senator Richard Durbin [D-IL] speaking at the NAFSA/Goucher College policy event "A Global Education: No Longer Optional" during International Education Week 2011

You can learn more about this event on the NAFSA website here.

So happy that Dick Durbin is my Senator!


  1. I agree with Senator Durbin that global education is no longer an option. As a nurse and nurse educator, I appreciate how the growing integration of economics and societies around the world are influenced by globalization. Globalization looks much differnt today than previously due to new technologies that enhance communication and facilitate the ciruclation of informaiton, resources, and dialogue of individuals.

  2. Hello David and all
    This video is informative regarding the benefits of getting some educational experience outside one's comfort zone and country. Does anyone happen to know if study abroad increases job prospects or enhances advancement?

  3. Thanks for posting this link. I agree that American students need more opportunities to study abroad. I especially think community college students need more opportunities. Traditionally the country has looked to community colleges to meet the nation's need for training programs to strengthen the workforce and the economy. The current world situation clearly demonstrates that our workforce must be globally literate.