Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Japanese Magic Lantern: The Minwa-za Company of Tokyo and the Art of Utsushi-e

I've posted on IHEC Blog in the past about the exposure my daughter (and son) is getting in her school this academic year to countries, cultures and issues across the globe (see links below).  This exposure is not new as it has been happening since she entered the Nursery school.  My son is in Kindergarten and in his three years at the school he has learned about such things as Diwali and had Greek celebrations in his classroom.  

This morning her class will learn how to make lanterns and in the afternoon they will watch a traditional theatrical performance of Utsushi-e, a classical style of theater that uses lanterns and puppetry! 

More on this event today and additional performances this week through Saturday are available here.

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  1. It is essential in today's society that students begin learning about different cultures around the world. My daughter's fourth grade class spent the entire year learning about different countries in Africa. At the end of the year, they spent an entire week doing an Africa fair, where they sold African products, presented information about Africa, etc. At the high school and college (I teach both) the emphasis is on preparing students to be ready to work in a global society. Students have to understand that we are not competing with people in our community for jobs anymore -- we are competing with people throughout the world. I have a job now that would never have been possible ten years ago. I live in North Carolina and teach high school in Kansas, online.