Friday, January 28, 2011

Photographs of Doors

I was in Washington, D.C. all day Wednesday for a national scholarship final selection committee meeting as the snow fell.  Flights out of D.C. were cancelled and it was an adventure getting back in to downtown to find a hotel room which I was quite fortunate to do.  This provided me an entire day to roam the city yesterday and I chose to head to Georgetown to see the neighborhood and the University as I had never been before.  Washington, D.C. is a great city and one I have traveled to frequently over the past 5 years for international education related business.  By far, Georgetown is my favorite area/neighborhood.  I decided to walk off the beaten path through the neighborhood's side streets so I could really get a feel of area and take some pictures of the snowy neighborhood.  

I have always liked photographs of doors and doorways and have taken many myself over the years.  Embedded with this post are four of the best photographs of doors I took on my walk through Georgetown.  I asked on IHEC Blog's Facebook page for followers to post any photos they have taken of unique and interesting doors during their travels to my page.  A friend posted a great photograph she took of a door on her travels to Ankara, Turkey. 

Have you taken a picture (or six) of a pretty door or doorway that you would like to share?  If you have one on your phone or computer please consider sharing on IHEC Blog's Facebook page at

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