Friday, February 12, 2010

IHEC Blog is now an Amazon Associate

As frequent IHEC Blog readers know, from time to time I occasionally review or highlight a new book that I find interesting. Almost every book that I review or highlight is linked to in case anyone would be interested in purchasing. I will still continue to post to IHEC Blog about new and forthcoming publications in the field that may be of interest to readers. What will be new is that you will now see a new format in how I display the book on IHEC Blog and it will be in the form of an image with a bit of Amazon branding included (occasionally just a link but more often an image and link). The small amount of revenue that may be generated from this venture will help support the continuation and future enhancements of IHEC Blog and related activities.

Please note that all proceeds from IHEC Blog's Kindle edition will be donated to UNICEF.

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