Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change - Blog Action Day 2009 is Today!

In a September 29th post I announced that IHEC Blog would be participating in Blog Action Day 2009 and I placed a call to various listservs and networks in the international education community asking for examples and information on what efforts were underway in organizations and programs that focused on climate change. Several people left comments or sent me e-mail messages (plus one I came across on Twitter) and it is these efforts that I pulled together into a post that will go up later today.

Additionally, I have a second Blog Action Day 2009 post scheduled (it will actually be the first post of the day and will go up in an hour or so) about a wonderful organization that you should know about.

As of this post 8,924 Blogs from 148 countries have registered as participating in Blog Action Day 2009 and they are reaching 12,591,007 readers (and these numbers are rapidly increasing). Also, I recommend following Blog Action Day on Twitter ( to see what else is going on in the blogosphere for Blog Action Day.

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