Wednesday, October 14, 2009

공감 (미주 유학생과 새터민 학생에 대한 공감 리포트)

A short time ago I received a wonderful gift in the mail. One of my former advisees (an international student from South Korea) from my professional work in The College at The University of Chicago sent me a book that she recently published. It was a very nice to hear from her as it’s been about two years since she graduated. Her book is published in both Korean and English which is nice for me as I (unfortunately) don’t speak or read Korean. What is even more interesting is that her book fits perfectly with the theme of IHEC Blog so I thought I would post about it since I finally was able to finish reading her book. Here is a brief description of Empathy: A Light to My Soul (2009) by Jessica Jungmin Lee from the front cover: “The stories of South Korean students in the United States vs. the narratives of North Korean adolescents in South Korea: Reconstructing Identities through ‘SELF-NARRATIVES’”.

I found Empathy: A Light to My Soul to be a very interesting read and one that should be of interest to international educators. If you read Korean you can learn more about this book as well as order a copy of the book from here ('m assuming this is the page for this). Update: The link I provide does not take you directly to webpage for Empathy: A Light to My Soul but rather to a list of books. I think this has to do with the Google translation of the webpage. Fixing this link problem is beyond my technical scope of practice but you can find the book on this page by scrolling to the very bottom and you'll find it. Thanks to my colleague Bettina Hansel over at Intercultural Eyes for catching this!

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