Monday, September 21, 2009

GlobaLinks NewsWire

As many colleagues and IHEC Blog readers may know, I’m all over the internet looking for news about new projects and developments in the field, interesting links and research related to U.S. students studying abroad and, more broadly, international education. The new media tools of today have made it easier than ever for me to follow the trends of this field (and any field or topic for that matter) and I spend less time searching and more time reading and sifting through all of the information I have fed to my Gmail inbox and Google Reader. Additionally, IHEC Blog now attracts enough attention that I frequently receive news pieces from colleagues/organizations that I can further learn and blog about.

One site that I’ve really come to appreciate is GlobaLinks NewsWire. GlobaLinks NewsWire, edited by
Stacey Hartmann, reports on interesting study abroad topics as well as interesting news pieces from participants and partners of GlobaLinks Learning Abroad programs AustraLearn, AsiaLearn and EuroLearn. While I really like the content that GlobaLinks NewsWire publishes I’m most impressed with how GlobaLinks Learning Abroad has taken advantage of the new media tools available and have used them to their advantage and in my opinion they are leading the field of education abroad in this area. To be sure, there are other third-party study abroad providers who are doing some really great things but GlobaLinks Newswire has captured and retained my attention. You can link to GlobaLinks NewsWire here and be sure to subscribe via e-mail or RSS feeds here. Additionally, IHEC Blog readers will want to follow GlobaLinks NewsWire on Twitter at @GlobaLinksNews.

I would also like to note that GlobaLinks Learning Abroad is a leader in greening the field of education abroad. You can read more about their efforts in this area


  1. Thanks again, David, for highlighting our efforts over at the GlobaLinks NewsWire. Your blog is a must-read for us, and we appreciate all you do to keep your finger on the pulse of international education. Keep the posts coming!

  2. @Stacey ~ My plesure on highlighting the great work of GlobalLinks NewsWire and yoru comments about IHEC Blog. Very much appreciated!