Monday, December 8, 2008

Need for Standards for International Education

During my recent research efforts I came across the following statement on the need for standards for international education from 1992 that I thought I'd share with readers:

“Sojourn difficulties are an occupational reality at all levels of exchange. They are exacerbated, however, when organizations responsible for facilitating exchange programs fail to do so at adequate levels of quality and ethicality. In such instances, increases in volume of exchange present a liability rather than an opportunity, and the potential for good effects becomes eroded by the incidence of failure in and dissatisfaction with the exchange experience. To the extent that individual participants suffer psychologically, emotionally, or physically, the field as a whole suffers damaged visibility and reputation. When administering organizations fail to respond professionally and competently to the inevitable difficulties that arise in teenage exchanges, the field risks increased liability as well.” (p. 1)

Bachner, D.J. (1992). Developing Program Standards for International Educational
Exchange, NAFSA Working Paper #25
. Evans City, PA: NAFSA Publications.

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