Monday, May 14, 2018

#NotatNAFSA2018 Melibee Global Webinar Information and Schedule

Missy Gluckmann over at Melibee Global is doing something really creative during the NAFSA Annual Conference for those unable to attend.  Specifically, Melibee Global is offering

Here is the #NotatNAFSA2018 Melibee webinar schedule (all at 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time):

  • May 29th:  Resume Writing Tips for International Education.  This one is ideal for those of you quietly (or loudly) gearing up for a job search.
  • May 30th:  FREE interview with Tayo Rockson, CEO of Use Your Difference Media. Tayo also was an international student and has the most popular podcast on culture in the world!
  • May 31st:  Writing Your Cultural Stories.  This is a perfect way to reflect on your travels abroad and use your creativity to explore them further.
You can learn more about these webinars here!


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    1. My pleasure, Missy. Great things you have happening over at Melibee Global.