Monday, February 5, 2018

Check Out the New Gap Year Directory

GoAbroad is thrilled to share the publication of their latest meaningful travel directory dedicated to the GAP YEAR! Now, we’re not talking about your grandma’s gap year—not that we don’t give her credit, she did survive abroad without Google maps—but the gap year movement has gotten a serious makeover in the last few years.

Why? Because the stigma around the gap year… of taking a year off to travel, ask yourself questions, be introspective, and gain more clarity around your life goals… is waning. Rapidly. (As it should!).

More and more students are using the gap year as a rite of passage, not only between high school and college, but also between years of college, between colleges (transfer students FTW), before jumping into the workforce, or in the middle of their early professional years. Colleges are jumping on board (like Princeton’s Bridge Year!) and more organizations are improving the rigorousness of their courses (thanks in large part to initiatives like the Gap Year Association).

All this to say GoAbroad is thrilled to support young adventurers in their meaningful waywardness through the possibility of a gap year. Check out all of these ooey-gooey awesome resources for yourself, then hop on the gap year train because it’s moving full-speed ahead! 

   Rich media resources:

Join us in making like Malia and supporting the gap year movement!

Note:  I receive no compensation for this post.  I do receive some hats on occassion from but that's because I like hats and like to take pictures around the world with them.  I just like what is doing in the field and want to support their efforts!

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