Tuesday, December 13, 2016

You? You Speak Second A Language? Huh, I Never Would Have Guessed!

Below is just a small sampling of some well know individuals demonstrating their second language speaking abilities!  To be sure, there are more but these are the ones I decided to highlight.  If you know of more please provide more specifics and a link in the comment section below.  Thanks!

This additional Bradley Cooper interview in French is for my wife.  On night after we were driving home from seeing the movie Silver Linings Playbook I told my wife "You know, Bradley Cooper speaks French fluently" to which she replied "I Know, As If Wasn't Hot Enough!"  :-)


  1. Upon reading this, I immediately remembered Mila Kunis speaking Russian at a press conference where she defends Justin Timberlake's ventures into acting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiFjgr2uGr0

  2. I love these! It's a nice change from all the news about how poor Americans are at learning other languages! There's also Winston Churchill who spoke French very well--but with a strong accent. While he wasn't an American, the speech in this clip shows the importance of speaking to your allies in their own language. https://youtu.be/CHBCMjyHxwQ

    1. Thanks, Catherine, for the link to the Winston Churchill speech in French. I agree on the importance of speaking to one's allies in their own language!

  3. Actually, Winston Churchill's mother was Jennie Jerome, and American. I've always felt we could claim him.