Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In Washington, DC next week during International Education Week 2016? #IEW2016

UPDATE 11/14/16:  The International Education: What Place in U.S. Diplomacy? event at the United States Institute of Peace will be webcast.

UPDATE 11/11/16:  I will not be in Washington, DC next week.  I was to attend the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) 2016 Fall Gala next Wednesday evening (Nov. 16th) and the FEA Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, November 17th.

There is much going on that week and in particular next Monday, November 14th with IIE's release of Open Doors Report and NAFSA's Research Symposium.

The following event hosted at the United States Institute of Peace from 2:00-4:00pm on November 14th may also be of interest to you:

 International Education: What Place in U.S. Diplomacy? 
A Strategy on Study Abroad Can Boost Foreign Policy and Peacebuilding 


  1. I followed the link to this article on international education and found the statistics to be intriguing. According to this article, millions of students come to America to study, while only 33% of this total represents American students traveling abroad for educational purposes. For this reason, a strategy to increase the number of U. S. students studying overseas is needed with the objective of building peace relations. While this is a worthwhile objective, it warrants asking a few questions before pursing such a strategy. For instance, what is the underlying reason for only 1/3 of Americans studying abroad? Are the costs to do so excessive, are the risks of safety too great, or is the political landscape a problem? In other words, what prevents more American students from studying internationally? Next, what attracts foreign students to study in the United States? Are the same attractions available abroad, or not, to attract U. S. students? Answers to these questions and others I did not pose, would stand to strengthen whatever strategy is developed to increase U. S. participation in international studies.

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