Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Family Member Global Birth City Photo Project at my Son's School

I've posted many times here on IHEC Blog about some of the wonderful things happening at the school my children attend (The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools which was founded by John Dewey) that provide an international/intercultural perspective.  Today, after dropping off my 8 year old son at school, while I was waiting in the lobby for the shuttle to take me close to my office I was reminded of a late summer request we received from the Parent's Association for the Lower and Nursery/Kindergarten Schools (my youngest son is in 2nd Grade to 3 Year Old Nursery School building).  The Parent's Association asked parents to submit a family photo and only listing the city and Country where everyone in the family was born and the pictures were hung in the main lobby since the beginning of the school year (see photo above with all of the submitted photos arranged on the lobby window).  This is a wonderful project as it provides a the children with an opportunity to see how diverse and how global our school community truly is.

After finding our family photo I began to look for other children/families we know.  It is fascinating to the wide ranging and global diversity of cities where members of many families were born.  Below is a small sample of photos I took of the diverse locations where some people were born in some families.  My family photo is also included below as my wife Ana was born in Osaka, Japan as her father was studying and teaching Dentistry at Kansai Gaidai University and her mother was teaching English in Osaka.

This is the original photo submission of my family and where each of us was born.  I wanted to include the photo I took of my family photo as part of the project with this post (see above) but I also wanted to include the original family photo to show off my wonderful family!  Photo taken in June, 2016 at my daughter's 8th grade graduation.

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