Friday, September 23, 2016

Inside Study Abroad Announces Open Enrollment for the Global Pro Institute

I frequently receive requests for informational interviews from people eager to enter the field of international education and I'm more than happy to schedule a meeting or phone/skype call (schedule permitting). To be sure, there are several opportunities for those wanting to enter the field to learn more and engage others in the process. One such resource that I've been affiliated with for some time now is the Global Pro Institute offered by Brooke Roberts and Inside Study Abroad. More information on the Global Pro Institute follows below.

Inside Study Abroad is excited to announce the open enrollment for the Fall 2016 Cohort of the Global Pro Institute, a 6-week online professional development, training, and coaching program for aspiring professionals in international education.

Learn more from Inside Study Abroad here!

This program provides a much-needed community of support and comprehensive information to help bridge the gap between being a passionate international programs participant and to a competent international education professional. Enrollment for the program ends Sunday, October 2 , and the program officially begins Monday, October 3, 2016.
What You’ll Learn & What You’ll Get
  • Module 1: Gain an experienced, insider’s view of the International Education and Meaningful Travel field/industry from how the space is structured, who the key players are, the big issues/topics of the day, and the inside baseball of what makes this industry tick.
  • Module 2: Learn how to build your professional brand in a way that works and helps you stand out in the crowded international education space.
  • Module 3: Learn how to identify, establish, and grow relationships in a way that feels good to everyone. Your professional network never looked so good!
  • Module 4: You’ll need more than passion to land a job in international education. In this module we dive into the knowledge and skills necessary to transform from participant to professional.
  • Module 5: Everyone says you need experience to get a job in IE. In this module, I show you how to get practical and relevant experience in international education to help you land your dream job.
  • Module 6: This is the culmination of everything we’ve tackled in the program. We’ll package up your brand, knowledge and skills, network, and experience to create resumes and cover letters that get noticed, read, and onto the “yes” pile.
  • 6 In-depth Training Modules will take you through the course material. The modules are video-based, but you’ll also have access to the slides to follow along. You have lifetime access to the material so you can keep up week to week or go at your own pace.
  • 6 Live Group Coaching Calls. Each week you can join me for a live group video chat where I answer any and all questions you have about the program, launching your career, the IE industry, and more. These are candid and we dive deep! (Of course, all of these are recorded and you can go back to them any time.)
  • Lifetime access to the video lessons(as well as access to the slides for each one). I’ve designed this program so you can complete it in just 6 weeks, but you also have the option of going at your own pace. Review your favorite modules and pick it back up whenever you’d like.
  • A comprehensive workbook we call the Roadmap filled with checklists, questionnaires, cheat sheets, scripts and worksheets for each module.
  • Lifetime access to the GPI Community, an exclusive forum for asking questions, sharing your progress, offering feedback, meeting others in the course, posting opportunities, and linking to helpful resources.
  • Lifetime access to any future trainings, masterclasses, and bonuses added to the Global Pro Institute.
“Mostly, I felt deflated because no one would give me a chance to apply my talents, knowledge, and experience,” Brooke says, about her own experience breaking into the field of international education.

The Global Pro Institute is the culmination of Brooke’s decade-long career in international education and meaningful travel - from grad assistant, to senior vice president, to founder and CEO of her own travel company. The program weaves together tried and true approaches to networking, skills building, knowledge development, gaining experience, and the mechanics of applying for and landing a job you love. Brooke has not only applied these strategies to her own career, but has hired, trained and coached others to do the same.

The Global Pro Institute will prepare individuals to take charge of their career and prepares them to tackle any transition from getting a job, landing a promotion, transitioning in and around the various roles within the field, and anything else they can dream up.

Learn more about the Global Pro Institute here.

Enrollment closes on Sunday, October 3 at 11pm CST.

Note:  David Comp and IHEC Blog are affiliates of the Global Pro Institute

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