Tuesday, April 15, 2014

'Game of Pawns: The Glenn Duffie Shriver Story' - Advice for U.S. College Students Abroad - A 28:08 FBI produced dramatization

A 28:08 dramatization entitled 'Game of Pawns: The Glenn Duffie Shriver Story' (produced by the FBI Counterintelligence Division) was released yesterday morning via the FBI News Blog and can be viewed below:

You can read more about the Glenn Duffie Shriver story at: http://1.usa.gov/1qYKPSm

You can also watch a 4:34 minute interview with Glenn Duffie Shriver from Federal Prison entitled 'Don't Be a Pawn: A Warning to Students Abroad' below:

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  1. I posted about these videos to SECUSS-L and in 2.5 hours the number of views for the videos went from:

    "Game of Pawns" - 4,364 to 6,510 views (increase of 2,146 views)
    "Don't Be A Pawn" - 1,408 to 1,910 views (increase of 502 views)