Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Coursera MOOC - Globalizing Higher Education and Research for the ‘Knowledge Economy’ by Kris Olds & Susan Robertson begins March 24, 2014

The following Coursera MOOC may be of interest to many Many IHEC Blog readers so I'm posting some information about the course below:

This course is designed to examine an array of issues related to the globalization of higher education and research. The main objective of the course is to enable students to better understand how and why universities are engaged in the globalization process, as well as what the key implications of this development process are.

Originally scheduled for January, 2014 it will now begin on March 24, 2014
Length of course:  7 weeks of instruction
Time Commitment:  3-5 hours of work per week
Language of Instruction:  English
Cost:  Free
Instructors:  Kris Olds, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Susan L. Robertson, University of Bristol

More information available at:

Image obtained from the Coursera Media Kit

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