Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) - A New International Professional Association Supporting and Serving Inernational Credential Evaluation

The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) is a new international professional association that has the single purpose of supporting and serving the profession of international credential evaluation. 
“The need for education and training of credential evaluation professionals has a global impact, involving professionals worldwide. An international association will facilitate communication and knowledge, as well as strengthen standards,” Steering Committee member Sandy Gault said. 

“TAICEP is the only association dedicated solely to the interests and needs of the profession of international credential evaluators. Members will have a place to develop their knowledge and skills, interact with colleagues from around the world and contribute to the professionalism of their field. This organization will work cooperatively with the other associations in so far as their activities relate to the profession and the mission of the association,” Steering Committee member Margit Schatzman said. 

A steering committee of professionals came together to take action on ideas that have been discussed among those in the profession for several years. TAICEP is an international association and members from all countries are welcome to join, participate in activities, and take leadership positions. 

The steering committee is dedicated to move the association to the next level of involvement by a larger group of people in the field. TAICEP's Steering Committee includes: 

Darryl Calkins, Northeastern University 
Sandy Gault, University of Missouri-Kansas City 
Nancy Katz, Evaluation Service, Inc. 
Christine Kerlin, retired, Everett Community College 
Margit A. Schatzman, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) 
Linda Tobash, Institute of International Education, Inc. (IIE) 
Kitty Villa, retired, University of Texas at Austin 

The primary goals of TAICEP are to identify and develop theories, methodologies, and best practices used in international credential evaluation and to be an advocate for the profession. The operational principles of TAICEP are collaboration, volunteerism, inclusiveness, and international orientation. 
A small steering committee of current and former professionals in the field is developing a symposium to be held in October 2013. The symposium will bring together a broader group of professionals to assist in the development of TACIEP that will be open to individuals and interested parties worldwide. 

One can become involved in the association by becoming a member, attending the symposium, nominating others to participate in the association, informing colleagues about the association, and by adding ideas to surveys and other forums that will be used to develop the association. 

Please visit the website to obtain information on becoming a member, friend or a supporter of the association. 

Contact: Nancy Katz 
email: nkatz@evaluationservice.net
tel: (847) 477-8569 

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