Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book of Interest: Student Learning Abroad: What Our Students Are Learning, What They're Not, and What We Can Do About It

I'm long overdue in posting about a new (June 2012) and interesting book entitled Student Learning Abroad: What Our Students Are Learning, What They're Not, and What We Can Do About It (Stylus Publishing, LLC) that many IHEC Blog readers may find of interest.  This post is not a review but more of an informational post about the book.

This thought provoking book challenges international educators and study abroad stakeholders on how and what students are actually learning while studying abroad.  The Table of Contents and the link to learn more follows:

Editors by Michael Vande Berg, R. Michael Paige and Kris Hemming Lou

Table of Contents:
1) Student Learning Abroad: Paradigms and Assumptions—Michael Vande Berg, R. Michael Paige, and Kris Hemming Lou
2) Intervening in Student Learning Abroad: Recent Research—R. Michael Paige and Michael Vande Berg

3) Using Experiential Theory to Promote Learning and Development in Programs of Education Abroad—Angela Passarelli and David Kolb
4) The Brain, Learning, and Study Abroad—James Zull
5) Paradigmatic Assumptions of Intercultural Learning—Milton Bennett
6) The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI): A New Frontier in Assessment and Development of Intercultural Competence—Mitchell Hammer
7) What Happens When We Take Stage Development Theory Seriously?—Douglas Stuart
8) Anthropology, Intercultural Communication, and Study Abroad—Bruce La Brack and Laura Bathurst
9) The Psychology of Student Learning Abroad—Victor Savicki
10) Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Support of Student-Centered Learning Abroad—Jennifer Meta Robinson

11) Shifting the Locus of Intercultural Learning: Intervening Prior to and After Student Learning Abroad—Laura Bathurst and Bruce La Brack
12) Maximizing Study Abroad—R. Michael Paige
13) Facilitating Intercultural Learning Abroad—Kris Lou and Gabriele Bosley
14) Developing a Global Learning and Living Community: A Case Study of Intercultural Experiences on The Scholar Ship—Adriana Medina-López-Portillo and Riikka Salonen
15) An Experiment in Developing Teaching and Learning: CIEE’s Seminar on Living and Learning Abroad—Michael Vande Berg, Meghan Quinn, and Catherine Menyhart
16) Beyond Immersion: The AUCP Experiment in Holistic Intervention—Lilli Engle and John Engle

17) Intervening for Student Learning Abroad: Key Insights—Kris Hemming Lou, R. Michael Paige, and Michael Vande Berg

You can learn more about and purchase Student Learning Abroad via the Stylus website.

I'll be adding Student Learning Abroad to my Bury Book International Education Library & Archive as soon as I obtain a copy!

Disclaimers:  I receive no compensation for posting about "Student Learning Abroad: What Our Students Are Learning, What They're Not, and What We Can Do About It" nor will I receive any compensation from sales of this resource.  Just posting because I think it is a valuable resource for the field.  Picture of book cover posted wtih editor approval.

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  1. Hello:

    Wow! This book seems to be a very comprehensive review of international education. I am curious about the research that went into it. As an international educator and researcher, I am always interested in what students really learn from the international experience. Are you planning on reviewing it? I went to the website but did not see a way to order it. Where can I get a copy? Thanks!