Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Secretary Clinton's Remarks on International Education


  1. Studying abroad is so important. We live in a global society and are no longer segregated by land or sea. It is imperative that we learn about other cultures so that we might better understand the people in those cultures. Perhaps the most interesting comment that Hilary Clinton made was that the ties that are made with people of a different culture are the best form of diplomacy.

  2. Knowing and understanding the number of students that are now studying abroad and the number reaching a million that are coming to study in the US is very enlightening. It shows that indeed our global experience is growing and increasingly expanding. I believe this number will continue to grow as we learn more and more from each other and see the commonalities and appreciate the differences. I appreciate Secretary Clinton's remarks and encouragement of others to join in the excercise of global education.

  3. Teaching abroad is something that I have not considered. Since watching the video by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, I believe that it would be a wonderful opportunity for me and for the people who will be learning. As a global citizen, this would be a great opportunity for all involved.