Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Sustainable Global Commitments in International Education" the latest issue of The Review of Global Studies Literature now available

The Review of Global Studies Literature, initiated in 2010, is a review of recent books and professional publications relevant to the multiple sets of interests in international education. The publication is a project of NAFSA’s Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLS) Knowledge Community. It is a valuable resource for researchers, graduate students and practitioners in all areas of international education. The latest issue published this month, with the theme "Sustainable Global Commitments in International Education," is available via the NAFSA TLS Research/Scholarship network resource library here.

The editors are now looking for reviewers for the next issue. A Call for Reviewers is available at the main page here. (look for the downloadable PDF on the right hand side). The deadline for submissions will be July 30, 2012.

Many, many thanks to Emily Gorlewski, Rebecca Hovey, Bryan McAllister-Grande for all of their hard work as co-editors on The Review of Global Studies Literature!

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  1. One of those articles in particular raised an interesting point. I don’t honestly have an answer to it, but the question of “is sending students abroad more environmentally and socially responsible than feeding 6 people in that community” is interesting. On one hand, directly assisting the needy is directly beneficial and helps sustain life immediately, but education about such cultures could very well result in better programs for such individuals. Ideally, I think, a balance could be struck between the two. Hopefully it’ll coincide with a new focus on renewable energy on the part of Americans.

  2. I had a chance to go through the NAFSA reports. Overview of Global Studies Literature covers a the interests of both; the professional as well as the academic fields of international studies and international education. It's great that the convergence being happened in several sectors like growing expectation of worldwide competencies for professionals within the international business community , the globalization and internationalization of higher education; the difficulties in migration from legal, educational, and human rights perspectives; as well as the requirement for public diplomacy exchanges.

  3. Thanks for sharing this site and the scholarly research on International Education. NAFSA includes a wide range of knowledge under the international education umbrella. As the world continues to become more globally, the work published in this literature will become more valued.

    Julie Gallanty

  4. Collaboration two different universities especially from different countries are very necessary in present scenario of globalized education system. Recent collaboration, which is going to be between Maharaja Sayajirao University and University of South Florida is great for future of Indian student. This collaboration enhances the relation of two great countries through their education system.