Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We need students. For each student you bring us, we give you a 100 euros comission

Some time ago I received the following message via LinkedIn [identification information removed by me].

"Hi David, cordial greetings from Xxxxx.  We offer Xxxxxxx courses in Xxxxx and we are interested in working with you.  We need students.  For each student you bring us, we give you a 100 euros comission.  Contact us if you are interested in.  Thanks."

What are your thoughts on this?

For me,, no thanks.  Not for me (on numerous levels) so I did not reply and I archived the message.

Don't get me wrong, if someone wants to pay me 100 Euros to do some simple work please do not hesitate to contact me and we'll discuss!


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  2. @aarsquare ~ Does your comment address the question in the post "What are your thoughts on this?" [referring to the LinkedIn message I received] or are you advertising & SEO optimizing?

  3. I would be interested to find out the specifics of this venture, and how would students benefit except to "study abroad?" What are the potential drawbacks of this program?

  4. @Anonymous ~ Great question! All I received in the message was what I have in quotes above so the inquiry provides or links to no details.

    I do take into account cross-cultural communication differences as well as different approaches to business with the message I received and how I interpreted the message but this doesn't seem to be something I put my name behind.

    Perhaps the lure of 100 Euro per head was meant to whet my appetite and pad my wallet and I would receive more specifics about the program upon reply...

  5. The concept of bribery to influence young minds in a manner that the person who contacted you most likely intends to profit from is, frankly, a little upsetting. Perhaps I’m simply idealistic, but I’d like to think there is a certain level of integrity to the “business” of education... - Sarah

  6. @Sarah ~ Thanks for your comment. I agree! At first I was going to simply delete as SPAM but then I thought it would be good to post as this stuff is happening (and I hope not at a high level).

    1. As widespread as this issue probably is, thanks for letting us see it firsthand! I have a feeling many probably forget that almost anything can hide a business practice... and while I’m fine with the idea of a free market and the notion of advertising as a means of making money, I think there’s a place where the proverbial line should be drawn. Thank you for the quick reply, and though I suppose that was indeed the first time I’ve commented here, I’ll definitely be checking in. - Sarah

  7. @Sarah ~ Thanks for the follow-up and happy to hear you'll be checking in more often! :)

    I like to think (hope) that when the majority of people receive such a message that they simply ignore/delete and don't bite! 100EUR would be nice but I think most people will find different ways to earn!