Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recent Focus of International Education in Russia

I found the following two news clips from RT on the growing focus on international education in Russia to be very interesting and I thought I would embed them here on IHEC Blog for readers to view.


  1. As an American college student, it’s remarkable to me how driven the students studying in Russia seem to be... the college I go to is fairly gated, from a global perspective. It could just me my location and the fact that they mix campus and online classes, but I don’t notice as much drive to take risks and try something new as I did from students in that first segment.

  2. "Medvedev Suggests Sending Doctors, Teachers to Study Abroad" [via RIA Novosti, April 24, 2012] at

  3. "Russia announces US$165 million programme for study abroad" [via ICEF Monitor] at

  4. "Educational programs remain central in U.S.-Russia collaboration" via

  5. Educational programs in other countries are an excellent way for higher education students to learn about a culture, gain experience living in another society as well as acquiring knowledge. The video interviewed several young adults willing to go out of their comfort zone to enroll in University and be open to the global world in front of them.

    This type of program will continue to grow in offerings to higher education students around the world.

  6. Russian Government to Send Graduates Abroad

    An article in Surghar Daily reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to sign a decree that will establish "the Global Education program, which will allow qualified Russian students to study abroad at the government’s expense" by 2013.

    For more information on the specifics of the program and to read the full article, please visit:

    [via August 15, 2012 IIE.Interactive Newsletter]