Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New report “Trends in International Student Mobility” by Dr. Rahul Choudaha and released by World Education Services (WES)

A new research report from World Education Services (WES), “Trends in International Student Mobility.” Written by Dr. Rahul Choudaha, director of WES Research & Advisory Services (RAS), the report will provide an in-depth understanding of the trends and issues related to international student enrollment, helping institutional leaders and administrators make informed decisions and effectively set priorities for 2012 and beyond.

Dr. Choudaha’s research highlights several key trends and patterns of international student mobility, including:
  • Emerging source countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Mexico, and Brazil,
  • Non-traditional states in the U.S. witnessing significant growth, such as Montana, Oregon and Colorado,
  • Enrollment growth at the Bachelor’s level and how it is outstripping growth at the Master’s and Doctoral levels ,
  • How English as a Second Language (ESL) programs are emerging as an important pathway to the U.S. for international students, most notably from Saudi Arabia, and
  • How institutions can become more prompt and efficient in achieving their recruitment goals, such as through the use of recruitment service providers and social media.
I received early access to the report and after reading it I feel that many IHEC Blog readers would be interested in learning more about it.  The report was published on March 1, 2012 through World Education News & Reviews (, the monthly newsletter published by WES which I have been subscribing to for years. Dr. Choudaha will also be hosting a free webinar on March 16, 2012 discussing his research – more information on that can be found on the WES website.

Dr. Choudaha wrote a guest post here on IHEC Blog entitled "Indian Engineering Education in Peril" back in November 2009 and you can access his post here.

I also recommend that you follow Dr. Choudaha's blog Dr. Education at  Dr. Education is one of my favorite blogs to read because it holds true to its description as it provides insights on international higher education and cross-functional and data-driven perspectives.  If you are on Twitter I also recommend you follow @DrEducationBlog  here.


  1. David,
    Dr.Choudaha's report on seems to be a very interesting report.I read a report last week that said that the Saudi Embassy in the U.K. had stopped Saudi students from continuing in English courses in the U.K. because Saudi students were achieving better results in studying English in the U.S.This confirms your comment on how ESL programs are emerging as an important pathway for Saudi students.

  2. This is indeed an interesting research find. I only hope that educators in this country will understand the need for our American students to be globally competent to competen in our 21st century world. Globalization has created a new market place, and if our graduates are not appropriately prepared, they will not be able to participate and compete for jobs, etc.