Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Book: "One White Face" by Hilary Corna

I recently received a copy of a new book called One White Face (2011) from the author Hilary Corna and I just finished reading it and I wanted to share here on IHEC Blog.  I've been aware of her book since it was published but had yet to locate a copy so I was very happy to receive a copy form Hilary in the mail.

One White Face is a personal account of Hilary's experiences of being the only Caucasian working for Toyota Motor Asia Pacific as well as her experiences of being a female in a male dominated business culture and society.  During her three year sojourn throughout Asia, Hilary excels  in her work and earns the respect of her colleagues and mentors at Toyota and along the way she discovers more about herself.  I really enjoyed reading One White Face as it provided a wonderful and detailed account of a young woman's (Hillary's) journey into the experience of a lifetime.

As much as I would like to place One White Face on the shelves of Bury Book International Education Library & Archive that will have to wait.  I'm first going to give the book to my ten year old daughter Gabriela to read.  I think Gabriela will find the book fascinating and it will further develop her interest and curiosity in foreign travel and studies.  More important is that I think Hilary is a very motivating young woman and I want her story to further inspire Gabriela to seek her own adventurous path (domestic or foreign) throughout her life.

If you are interested in purchasing One White Face please note that IHEC Blog readers can receive a discount by ordering here and entering the following discount code "P554X5B4" [please note that I receive no compensation for your order or via the discount].

Hilary is half-way through her 2011-2012 book tour which you can learn more about here.  If you are interested in having Hilary come to your campus you can find additional information and contact information in the previous link.

You can also follow Hilary Corna / on FacebookTwitter and on YouTube!

You can see Hilary speaking at the event on November 10, 2011 below:

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I would love to read her book. I will follow the guidelines you posted to order one. I can only imagine what she had to endure as the only female in the group. As an African American, the title was misleading to me. But, I soon realized that cultural and gender bias can happen with anyone. The most important thing is to find a way to rise above it. She has done just that and now, she shines and can share her corporate experiences with others.

    South Carolina