Thursday, January 19, 2012

Future Conference Sites of U.S. Based International Education Organizations

Should you be an advanced planner I thought I would put these future conference sites for AIEA, CIEE, The Forum on Education Abroad and NAFSA on your radar:

2012 – Washington, DC
2013 – New Orleans
2014 – Washington, DC
2015 – Washington, DC
2016 – Montreal
2017 – Washington, DC

2012 – Shanghai
2013 – Minneapolis

Forum on Education Abroad
2012 – Denver
2013 – Chicago
2014 – San Diego
2015 – New Orleans

2012 – Houston
2013 – St. Louis (I believe this was originally scheduled for Louisville)
2014 – San Diego
2015 – Boston
2016 – Denver
2017 – San Francisco


  1. CIEE 2012 will be in Shanghai, China. Also, CIES 2012 (Comparative and International Education Society) will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

  2. @Anonymous ~ Thanks for letting me know about CIEE 2012 in Shanghai and not Beijing as I originally had it. I made the correction.

    I intentionally left off CIES as the conference/society is not strictly focused on international educational exchanges or student/scholar mobility. This year I did not renew my CIES membership after seven years of membership. I rarely consulted Comparative Education Review and since I work on the Univ. of Chicago campus I have electronic access to the journal since it is published by the Press here. I've never been to a CIES conference except for my presentation at the CIES conference in Chicago a couple of years ago. I arrived 20 minutes before my presentation and departed immediately after so I never got a sense of the conference. I do think there is value for international educators at CIES but it's not for me.