Wednesday, October 19, 2011

French Fries, French Dressing, French Bread and to drink, Peru

Just thought I would share this short clip from the 1985 movie "Better Off Dead" when the American mother prepares a meal for the French exchange student [young girl in the scene] who moved in next door.  This clip ties into my April 2009 IHEC Blog post "Portrayal of Exchange Students in Movies and on TV in the U.S."  Thanks to my good friend Katie for reminding me about this scene in the movie.


  1. This is a funny clip, but when I think of an exchange student and if I hosted one, I would want eveything to be from their country. I would want them to be familiar with things. The mother serving the french fries, dressing, bread and water, probably thought the French students ate these foods. In reality, they had other knowledge of foods too. Maybe she should have thought about multiculturalism and getting them familiar with other cultures.

  2. Um, it's supposed to be funny.