Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Changing types of posts here on IHEC Blog

If you have been following IHEC Blog for a while then you may have noticed changes in the way I have been posting.  IHEC Blog and my related activities are secondary to my family, employment and academic lives and things have gotten so busy over the past 6-12 months that I have had to change the way I post.  I still strive to post to IHEC Blog daily (Monday-Friday) but over the past several weeks I've managed only two to three posts per week.  What you will also notice is that I have been embedding much more video, documents and widgets into my posts with links to other resources than writing substantive pieces.  Of my last ten posts (not including this one) I have embedded five videos, one document and one twitter feed widget and the three other posts were short paragraph posts.  While these posts are less time intensive to prepare I do hope that they are informative and add some value to your work.  My current posting patterns will most likely continue for some time as I work to complete my dissertation.  About the dissertation...from July 18-29 I am taking off of work to focus on my dissertation and will probably not post anything (unless I write something this week and schedule to post or it is something I cut and discard from my dissertation that I think IHEC Blog readers may find of interest).  To that end, posts to IHEC Blog's Facebook page and to Twitter will also decrease substantially.

Thanks for coming along for the ride so far and I hope you continue!

Photo credit:  purpleslog (extra credit:  Do you know the name of or location of this clock?)

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