Thursday, June 16, 2011

Relationships of Assessment, Evaluation, Standards & Ethics in Education Abroad

Some time ago when I was involved more heavily with the Forum on Education Abroad's Standards of Good Practice Committee on the Standards Toolbox and as a consultant I spent much time thinking about the relationships between assessment, evaluation, standards and ethics in education abroad.  As I was traveling one day I started to doodle various configurations of these relationships and upon return home prepared them on a single document to further spur my interest in and investigation of these relationships.  At one point in time I was thinking that this would be the focus of my dissertation.  Anyways, last night I was searching for some of my documents I have hosted over on Scribd and came across the document where I turned my doodles of these relationships into more concrete ideas.  Following are just thoughts I had on this topic back in 2007 or so and I thought I would embed the document here on IHEC Blog to see what others think.
Relationships of Assessment, Evaluation, Standards & Ethics in Ed. Abroad by Comp, 2007-2009


  1. Hello there:

    This is the first time I have responded to a blog. I was looking over your diagrams and was wondering which one do you feel is the most accurate when it comes to researching a project study/dissertation? I am nearing that phase of my doctoral program myself.

  2. @Anonynous ~ I'm not really sure which if any are accurate. They were just random thoughts in my head one day on a plane. I do think the second diagram where most of the circles overlap has the most merit.

  3. I believe your "random thoughts" do have merit. However, I do think that these are simply the beginning. For example, with outcomes assessment, there is formative and summative assessments, which can be formal and informal. Like you, I believe the diagram where everything overlaps has more merit, because in reality, if one aspect is missing, it has an effect on the others.

  4. @Cactus Flower ~ Thanks for your comments!