Friday, May 6, 2011

If I was trying to get into the field of international education I would be all over this!

Recently Missy Gluckman over at Melibee Global put out a call for 2 interns on Twitter to work on various projects that can be done remotely with expected time commitment of 2-3 hours per week.  If I was looking to enter the field or was a newcomer in the field I would jump on this opportunity in a second.  Why?  1. I would learn much from Missy; 2. I would learn much from the work I would do for Melibee Global; 3. I would make connections in the field which will lead to opportunities which will lead to more connections which will lead to more opportunities and so on; 4. the time commitment is flexible and very reasonable; 5. I would get a valuable recommendation from someone in the field of international education and, 6. while unpaid the compensation I would receive (in addition to what I mention above) will be realized at a later date!  If you are interested you can contact Missy at and check out the Melibee Global blog at as well as on Twitter at @MelibeeGlobalel.

See my related post here on IHEC Blog about an exciting and affordable seminar project "A Day of International Inspiration" that Melibee Global is working on.

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