Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Follow the Twitter conversation from the 2011 Forum on Education Abroad conference

The seventh annual conference of the Forum on Education Abroad is taking place tomorrow through Friday (April 6-8, 2011) in Boston.  I attended the first five Forum conferences but missed last year in Charlotte and will not be attending the conference this year.  I hope to return in 2012 to Denver!  There has been some discussion in the Twittersphere (and a little over on IHEC Blog's Facebook page) about what should be the appropriate #hashtag.  It seems that #ForumEA is the favorite and is being used most despite my lobbying for #forumoneducationabroadseventhannualconference2011inboston.  

To that end, I have added a Twitter search widget to this post so one can follow the discussion from and about the conference and hoping that those in attendance are able to post some photos and maybe a video or more to Twitter!  I wish all conference attendees a safe and productive conference!

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