Monday, March 21, 2011

"our goal is global perspective for all students"

Following is a tweet by E. Gordon Gee, President of The Ohio State University, the day before his opening Keynote at the 2011 IIE Best Practices Conference last week in New York.  So nice to see a college/university president advocating international education in such a way!  You can follow President Gee on twitter here.


  1. What does the term "learning community" mean in different cultures?

  2. Learning is a lifelong activity in the Muslim and Arabic cultures, because our Prophet Mohammed(swl)said, "Seek learning from your birth to your death". Therefore in this culture,the term " learning community" refers to a community of people who are committed to spend their entire lives learning and supporting each other in this act.This community should share the knowledge it acquires with others in the community.