Thursday, March 3, 2011

The "Global Brandeis Symposia" Series

Over the past few years I have been following the work of the Office of Global Affairs at Brandeis University and I'm quite impressed with what's happening out in Waltham, MA!  Following is a summary of the "Global Brandeis Symposia" series that has taken place over the past three years.

My colleague (and past co-presenter), Bryan McAllister-Grande, Associate Director, Office of Global Affairs at Brandeis University, refers to the Global Brandeis Symposia as a form of "internationalization brainstorming" and are designed to "bring recognized scholars in different disciplines to campus to interact with faculty, students, and staff over major questions of global higher education."  Following are links to pages for each of the three symposium where you can read more specifics as well as watch videos of the Keynote Addresses and interviews:

You can access the Global Brandeis Symposia website here.  In an effort to summarize these three events, the Office of Global Affairs has published a new report entitled Global Brandeis Symposia 2008-2010 which you can access here.

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  1. The Global Brandeis Symposia 2008-2010 report is an excellent piece on how universities from different countries need to embrace the reality of globalization. I believe both students and teachers would benefit from this partnership and would thus eliminate the notion of the U.S. vs. everyone else in the race for global educational dominance.