Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tool for Institutions & Organizations to Assess Diversity of Participants in Education Abroad

Several years ago I prepared a simple tool (based off my comparative data tables I have prepared in the past and recently updated for the Diversity in International Education - A Hands-On Workshop and subsequent summary report) to help institutions and organizations assess the diversity of participants on their study abroad programs.  I have embedded that document below for any organization, office or individual to use in their diversification efforts.  If you use this tool I would appreciate hearing from you!


  1. I am curious, have you gathered any data on the success of your tool in evaluating diversity through educational institutions and organizations? If so, what types of organizations outside of educational institutions supporting study abroad have opted to utilize your tool for evaluation? This would seem to be an optimal way to evaluate an organization's success in diversity. I would be interested in your feedback.

  2. @Jeff ~ Many, many thanks for all of your comments. What Ph.D. program are you in and where?

    I don't have any data or feedback from any users other than my colleague from the University of Minnesota who used it as part of their curriculum integration project a few years ago. UofM is one of the leading institutions/programs (in my humble opinion) to be working on diversifying the study abroad population and is actively collecting data on these students. I think the tool I created above was a small part in their overall efforts in this area.