Sunday, February 6, 2011

Irv Comp and the 1944 NFL Championship Highlights Packers 14 - Giants 7

This post has nothing to do with international education and on a few occasions I post on other topics (although this IHEC Blog post is historical in nature).  Tonight the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XVL and the Comp Family is happy.  To be honest, I've stopped following and caring about football since the arrival of my children and my graduate studies.  This, most likely, will be my only post related to the NFL and/or the Green Bay Packers.

Irv Comp is back row 5th from left

The following video is a highlight video from the 1944 NFL Championship Game.  In the video you can see my grandfather, Irv Comp, throw several passes and get a mention of his pass to Don Hutson.  In the game, Irv threw the winning touchdown to Ted Fritch and they show it.  During the Super Bowl game tonight I went to YouTube to see if there was any video and sure enough there was!

Now that the NFC Championship Game against the Bears and the Super Bowl against the Steelers (the only two games I watched this year) are done I can refocus attention on my dissertation.

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  1. I could really relate to your posting, because I played in college and was an avid fan, but then the kids arrived, went for the graduate degree, and I lost track of the game. I also dislike free agency and the salaries of the players is beyond ridiculous, as these games used to be played for fun.

    Congratulations on the Packers winning the Bowl and thanks for the posting and the video, very cool. However, I am die hard Steelers fan and there was pass interfence on that final play. Sour grapes or not, a great game.