Sunday, February 27, 2011

International Higher Education Consulting and related new media activities will be going into hibernation

As of tonight I am going into hibernation for several weeks as dissertation obligations and family matters such as selling one of two condos and then buying and moving into a new house will consume most of my time (outside of my main priorities of being a father and a husband and working at the University of Chicago).  I will peek my head out from my cave occasionally to see what's happening but I'm quite tired and look forward to a well needed rest.  I look forward to waking from my slumber to forage for interesting and helpful international education related news and opportunities on the internets that I can pass on to others here on IHEC Blog, over on the International Higher Education Consulting website, on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter.

Sleep tight and I'll see you soon!


  1. Sleep well, good sir. Good luck with the dis. See you in Vancouver when you wake :)

  2. David:

    I wish you a safe slumber and I am a bit jealous as I am six weeks away before completing the last of my practical course work and will be taking a much needed vacation and two week break, after going to school straight for almost two years. I am thinking Hawaii as a great place to cocoon for a much needed rest.

    I wish you a safe and happy rest, great picture of the bear, I think that is a black bear if I am not mistaken. I am very curious as to what you do for the University of Chicago, possibly a professor, but I certainly understand if you do not wish to post that information, but the univeristy has a fantastic reputation.

    Have a good rest.
    Jeff Cudworth

  3. Have a good rest! We're feeling the same way. I have two roles switched for 3 years in my life... I am exhausted. We need to take care ourselves first. Because our family,jobs, and favorite international education needs us.

    I recently have started a better sleep plan which is a strict way to force myself going to bed before 10:00pm. You may know that 11:00pm-01:00pm is best time for the body producing more qi, energy and blood. That means the best time for sleep.

    I have noticed that my lips and gums’ color changed. I am feeling very well after the better sleep plan. I also could get up early to do some work.

    Thanks for all your efforts and sharing... We are appreciated. International Higher Education Consulting Blog is the best of best.

    Take care! International Education Fellows.

  4. Hang in there - there is light at the end of the bear cave. Exercise and sleep are key catalysts so make sure you stay balanced both physically and mentally while wrestling with the job and kids.