Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy 20th Anniversary to the Love of my Life!

Today marks the 20th anniversary that my wife Ana and I have been a couple!  On February 1, 1991 we solidified our relationship with a very late night/early morning kiss on a street corner in Valladolid, Spain where were were both study abroad through the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (our undergraduate institution).  This coming June we will celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary but it was in Spain 1991 while studying abroad when it all began. In the beginning of our study abroad program we actually were not very fond of each other but that didn't last long...Ah, the outcomes of studying abroad!

In her youth, Ana was an exchange student in Comayaguya, Honduras and I was spending my first summer as an exchange student in Rosehheim Germany (I went twice in high school) and she studied abroad in Toulon, France for a semester a year before her semester abroad in Valladolid where we met.

The above photo was taken during our honeymoon (June 1995) as we backpacked through Spain and ended in Paris.  The location in the photo is Plaza España in Sevilla.  

I came across this song by Justin Bieber and it's a great song for the day! 

Photo credit:  http://davidcomp.wordpress.com/

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  1. Congratulations to you both on many happy years of marriage and hopefully many more to come. Obviously the benefits from studying abroad go beyond the classroom, and to find other adventurers is an added benefit to the experience. I am curious as to your review of your study abroad experience was like in France. Would you recommend France to others considering traveling abroad?

    Best of luck!
    Jeff Cudworth