Friday, January 14, 2011

Which New Media Spaces do you Find Most Useful in Connecting with Fellow International Educators?

Rather than conduct another poll I thought I would simply ask the question "which new media space is your favorite for connecting with other international educators?" and see what, if any, comments are left down below.

For me, I find myself in numerous new media spaces and I find value in all of them.  I do tend to favor the following six spaces:

IHEC Blog at

International Higher Education Consulting website at

IHEC Blog's Facebook page at

LinkedIn at

Twitter at

IHEC Blog's YouTube Channel at

Of these six new media spaces, two are blogs and I would say that I find the most reward in posting to IHEC Blog and davidcomp.wordpress.  While I do receive comments on my various posts from time to time they are not as frequent as my interaction with others on Twitter and I truly appreciate the interaction I have with others in the field on a variety of topics.

What about you?

iCupCake credit: Whitney Reiser Johnson
Photo credit:  Jermay Johnson

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