Monday, January 24, 2011

Read Academic Programs International (API) Materials Anywhere! QR Codes and Catalogs

This IHEC Blog post is partly a copy and paste job from a recent SECUSS-L post and from an API Blog post [posted with permission of Jeramy Johnson, VP of Development at Academic Programs International (API)].  In my opinion, API is one of the best (if not the best) in the field of study abroad in their use of new/social media tools and their announcement last week that one can read any API catalog on their smart phone solidifies this for me.  

When you see API at study abroad fairs this spring, you will have a new, high-tech option for taking reading material away. In addition to their print catalogs, they are now offering the ability to scan a QR code for each catalog of interest, which one can then view in electronic format as an e-book at their leisure!  This not only cuts down on the number of catalogs that students take away from a study abroad fair, this presents a more environmentally-friendly way to digest all of the great API program information.

QR codes are a kind of bar code which allow you to access all types of information quickly and easily from a smartphone. To do this, you will need to download an app (application) to your smartphone that is capable of reading the codes (see below).
Some good (and FREE) examples include:
iPhone QR apps -
Android QR apps –
Blackberry QR apps -
When you scan one of the API catalog QR codes, you will be given a link to the PDF of that catalog on their website. Different phones handle this differently, but as long as your phone can read PDFs, you will be able to read their catalogs on your phone. Some of the above apps also allow you to open the catalog PDFs from your phone in more accessible reading programs such as Evernote and iBooks
Link to original API Blog post "Read API Materials Anywhere! QR Codes and Catalogs"

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