Tuesday, January 18, 2011

International Education Books You May Want To Consider Adding To Your Library

Last night I was searching through my International Education Book Store  as I received word form Amazon that they may need to close my account if the Illinois State Legislature passes some law (I don't know the specifics).  I'll report on this here on IHEC Blog if this happens.  Anyway...

I thought I would simply post some book covers of recent international education books I think are of interest (you can click on the the individual book covers below to learn more about the book on Amazon)  The following books are just a sampling of the nearly 230 books currently available in my international education book store. 

Educating Global Citizens in Colleges and Universities: Challenges and OpportunitiesThe First Time Effect: The Impact of Study Abroad on College Student Intellectual DevelopmentInternationalising the Higher Education Curriculum: Study Abroad and Global Learning

Higher Education and International Student Mobility in the Global Knowledge EconomyOverseas Students in Higher Education: Issues in Teaching and LearningIntercultural Journeys: From Study to Residence Abroad (Language and Globalization)Language Learning and Study Abroad: A Critical Reading of ResearchLanguage, Identity and Study Abroad: Sociocultural Perspectives (Studies in Applied Linguistics)Internationalism, National Identities, and Study Abroad: France and the United States, 1890-1970U.S.-China Educational Exchange: State, Society, and Intercultural Relations, 1905-1950Global Student Mobility in the Asia Pacific: Mobility, Migration, Security and Wellbeing of International StudentsInternational Students in American Colleges and Universities: A HistoryMetamorphosis: Identity Outcomes in International Student Adaptation: A Grounded Theory StudyChanging Perspectives on International EducationBridging Minds Across the Pacific: U.S.-China Educational Exchanges, 1978-2003

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